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Smoking Dome

Using our custom designed glass smoking cloche, you incapsulate your cocktail in smoke. After using a torch or an infuser to create smoke, we recommend you wait 15-30s before drinking.

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Barrel | Coaster

Our coaster kits and barrel stave kits are designed for those that want a portable and quick way to smoke their cocktail. Burn the wood with a torch and then place the glass overtop to collect the smoke and coat the sides.

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Our chimney kits are specially designed to sit on top of most cocktail glasses. You can burn the chimney itself or place wood powder in the stack and add other wood flavors to your drink.

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Smoking your cocktail glass before you make it coats the inside of your glassware and affects the flavor of your cocktail on your tongue. Creating a more subtle taste.


Smoking your ice before you add your drink allows the smoke to be fully incorporated throughout. The smoke covers each ice cube and can be tasted with every drink. Creating a more medium taste.


Smoking your cocktail after it is already made creates more of an aromatic nose on your drink. It also is much showier as the smoke rolls off the glass as it's served. Creating a more powerful upfront taste.


Light your wood chips with a butane torch to give you the perfect amount of smoke every time. Using a torch creates less smoke then an infuser but it is easier to control. A torch lets you experiment with different levels of smoke to achieve a desired taste.

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Using smaller wood powder, the infuser kits create alot of smoke in a very short time. If you are less concerned with experimenting with the amount of smoke and just love the big reveal you get when you lift the dome, then an infuser is what you need.

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Wood Chips

Larger wood chips that come in a variety of flavors are used in our TORCH smoking kits.

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Barrel | Coaster

You burn the actual coaster itself, releasing the flavor and aroma of the wood type itself, typically oak.

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Infusing Powder

Smaller wood powder that come in a variety of flavors are used in our INFUSER and CHIMNEY smoking kits.

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