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Barrel Coasters - Maker's Mark


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Each new piece of the barrel has a unique amount of charring and whiskey that has soaked into the oak, making each stave give off a different smoke aroma and flavor profile. We wanted to make something that was small and functional but also a statement piece to talk about over drinks.

With each new Barrel we use for the coaster kits, we will list the Barrel Profile below so you know a little more about where your stave comes from. Who knows maybe you will be smoking your whiskey with the barrel it came out of! 

During the holiday season, please allow 5 - 7 days for your order to be handcrafted.

Included in this kit:

1 - 4" barrel coaster*

(glass and torch not included)

Barrel Profile

Barrel Origin: Marker's Mark

Alcohol Type: Bourbon

Size: 53 Gallons

Head: 22"d


Height: 36"

Wood Type: Oak

Char Level: Heavy

Smell: Sweet

*size varies based on availability.

Some Frequently Asked questions

  • How should I clean my glass dome?

    All of our glass smoking domes are hand wash only. After a few smokings you make notice the inside of the glass may appear yellowish, this is normal and will come off with a gentle washing. We recommend using a natural dish soap and a soft sponge to clean the inside and outside of the glass, then towel dry or set on a rack to air dry. We recommend cleaning after every 2-3 smokings to keep the glass in perfect condition.

  • Does the torch come with butane?

    No, unfortunately we cannot ship butane fuel with any of our orders. All of our torches are use butane gas. We recommend purchasing it at your local hardware store or on amazon.

  • Should I order smoking chips or powder?

    Smoking Chips are designed to be used with our TORCH kits as they are larger and burn more easily with a torch.

    Infuser Powder is more like a sawdust that is specifically designed to be used with our INFUSER and CHIMNEY kits. You should only purchase these if you have a smoking infuser or something similar.

  • I purchased expedited shipping but my order hasn't shipped yet?

    Each kit is handmade and can take up to 10 business days to make and process before it shipped out. Purchasing expedited shipping does not decrease the processing time. If you need an order sooner then 5 days please contact us so we can do our best to get it to you in time.